Santoku Hollow Ground  7" Zoom

Santoku Hollow Ground 7"

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Choose the Shun Steel line for your customers who prefer the simple elegance and easy care of cutlery with pure stainless-steel handles. They'll warm up to the entire Shun Steel line, which offers the same grace and elegance as our Shun Classics, but with a seamless, one-piece stainless-steel bolster, handle, and end cap.

- VG-10 stainless steel is clad with 16 layers of SUS410 high-carbon steel on each side, producing a 33-layer rust-free Damascus look - VG-10 "super steel" is composed of Carbon, Chromium, Cobalt, Manganese, Molybdenum, Silicon, and Vanadium - VG-10's Rockwell Hardness rating of 61 ensures that it takes and holds its incredibly sharp edge longer - Shun Steel knives feature stainless-steel handles with the unique "D" shape for stable, easy grip - Stainless-steel bolsters and end caps - Dishwasher safe - NSF approved

Like the Shun Classics, the Shun Steel line also features our uniquely stable "D" shape handle design as well as the clad VG-10 blade.

The "D" shape precisely fits the way the hand curves around the handle. The asymmetrical bolster is ground out more on the right side to provide proper finger placement and an easy, secure grip.
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