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Knife Rolls by Messermeister
Chef's on the Move with 8 or 10 pocket rolls in many colors and patterns available to fit your style.
Great for chef's on the move! This knife roll contains big pockets for knife/culinary tool storage. Seals with 3 sided commercial grade zipper and latches closed with two durable clips. Manufactured from durable polyester fabric with PVC backing.

MESSERMEISTER is the principal designer of a variety of educational and professional-use knife rolls and attache cases now used by most knife companies around the world.

Messermeister's knife rolls and luggage are the highest quality in the industry, period. There are two primary choices for material: the 1066 $ 1055 series is manufactured from durable polyester fabric with PVC backing. The 1077 series is made of polyhide.

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