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The serrated blade of a bread knife will saw through tougher crusts without squashing soft interiors thus making it an appropriate tool not only for bread but also for tomatoes salami and so on. Popular with many leading chefs and with keen home cooks as well Furi knives provide solutions to many typical problems thanks to their well thought-out features and construction. One seamless piece of stainless steel is used in the construction of a Furi knife. No rivets to loosen no plastic handles to burn or melt. In fact the handle will last until the blade is sharpened away. A dull knife is dangerous and frustrating so the engineers at Furi chose a modern high-carbon stainless steel alloy which holds an edge yet is easier to re-sharpen than most other knives. A Furi blade will hold its edge at least as long as any vanadium stainless steel knife; it is also less likely to chip or snap.High carbon stainless steel alloy with a tempered hardness of HRC52 which holds an edge like vanadium alloys but is more easily re-sharpened Single piece seamless construction is more durable and hygienic than cutlery with riveted handles Wedge shaped grip resists slip towards blade even with wet or oily hands Handle has microgrooves for more secure grip Hand washing recommended 25 Year Warranty
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