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Item#: 11XBR
Regular price: $249.00
Sale price: $199.00

ATFER BOURGEAT TRI-FUNCTION MINI HANDMIXER Uses in professional catering: in the pan, on the stove, no pouring from pan to mixing bowl. For cold and warm sauces in amounts between 1 and 20 litres or soups. To thicken soups and sauces (more than 1 litre). To whisk up and stiffen egg-whites (at least 5 eggs). To blend liquid mixtures such as for cheese flan or custard. To liquidize fruits for ices / for fruit and milk shakes. To whip cream (more than 1 litre). To puree / for mayonnaise, to crush ice-cubes and frozen fruit. Total length 15 1/2, submersible 9 3/4, speed 1: 10000 rpm / speed 2: 14000 rpm, electrical cord 8 1/2. Rack included and 3 different blades.

115 volts / 150 watts / weight 2.2 lbs
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