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Ikon 9" Slicer

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Slice cooked or smoked meats, poultry or fish with Wusthof's Classic Ikon 9" Slicer. This Ikon Slicer's long, narrow, smooth edge blade will perfectly slice or carve medium sized meats or fish. Made in Germany, Wusthof's new Ikon cutlery line was designed to surpass the competition in quality, durability and appearance. Precision forged from one solid piece of steel, the blade is strong and its edge is incredibly sharp and will last a long time. This Classic Ikon knife's handle is made with a polymer composite, and is contoured with an ergonomic fit providing a comfortable feel and ease when cutting. Its unique double bolster design provides for perfect balance and heft, features very important to professional chefs. The entire Wusthof Classic Ikon series is backed with a lifetime warranty, and sure to please the gourmet chef in you.
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