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Ikon ClassicIkon Classic
Wusthof’s Ikon Knives combine exceptional workmanship and an aesthetically striking design. This multipurpose knife feels great in your hand. The knife is made with a full tang that runs from the blade’s tip throughout the handle, and provides excellent balance as well as control. The tapered bolster design of these knives allows for years of easy sharpening and reduces the weight of the knife.

The Ikon Knife Handles are manufactured from African Blackwood. As a result of its extreme density, minimal porosity and high resin content, this wood species is highly insensitive to moisture.

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Ikon 5 inch Santoku
New from WUSTHOF
Ikon 7" Santoku Knife, Hollow Edge
Ikon 9" Cook's Knife
Ikon 8" Cook's Knife
Ikon 6" Cook's Knife
Ikon 5" Tomato Knife
Ikon 5" Serrated Utility Knife
Ikon Classic Sharpening Steel
Ikon 6" Flexible Fillet Knife
Ikon 5" Boning Knife
Ikon 3.5" Paring Knife
Ikon 4.5" Utility Knife
Ikon 8" Bread Knife
Ikon 9" Bread Knife
Ikon 8" Carving Knife
Ikon 9" Slicer
Ikon Sharpener
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