USE: Each model of knife is made for a specific purpose. Do not use the knife for other tasks. Avoid that the blade comes in contact with hard materials (ceramics, granite etc...)

CLEANING: The knife can be put in the dishwasher. It has to be taken out of it soon after the washing cycle. The manual washing has to be carried out with the normal domestic detergents; pay attention that all traces- which can remain easily on the blade next to the handle -have to be cleaned up.

Wash carefully the knives after using them with corrosive stuffs; oxidisation forms easily for example because of the sodium chloride, which can be found in abundance in fish processing. Generally all organic liquids can become dangerous if the permanence of the contact is prolonged for many hours.

MAINTENANCE: The sharpening with the sharpening steel is advisable: If the sharpening is made with grinding wheels, use specific abrasives with refrigerant: Tempering can cause loss of hardness and breakages.

Form and function: Design in professional cutlery Coltellerie Sanelli S.P.A. created its Premana Professional collection by analyzing and solving every last one of the problems that are encountered by the professional who uses these working tools every day. In short, these are the salient properties of the Premana Professional collection:


Resistant hardness (54-56 HRC). Good flexibility. High cutting power. Long edge life. Edge shape especially designed for professional use. Excellent sharpening potential.

The convex shape of the edge guarantees an efficient support when the user has to exert considerable force. The edge is not subject to chipping.

Handles: The exclusive ergonomic handle design is the result of special studies carried out at qualified University Institutes (a research unit named EPM: Ergonomics of Posture and Movement at the Milan Polytechnic) and tested by computerized experimental tests.

The ergonomic shape brings a sharp reduction in user fatigue. The soft, but slightly rough surface makes the handle non-slip and much safer to use. The material used is non-toxic and complies with the European rules. The material used will resist sudden temperature changes (from -40°C to +150°C), corrosive agents and detergents. This means that the knife can be cleaned in a dishwasher and sterilized. The handle is perfectly balanced with the blade. The handle's green color makes the knife immediately visible on the work bench: greater safety at work.
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