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Instant Wine Refresher
Instant Wine Refresher
Instant Wine Refresher
Item#: RAVIB

The innovative concept of the Ravi Wine Chillers is to cool your wine to a temperature that is best suited for you to enjoy the wines you so love. Instead of chilling the bottle or simply maintaining pre-chilled wine for a short period of time, Ravi Wine Chillers cool the wine itself... INSTANTLY, as you pour. The cooling process occurs as the wine passes through the Ravi, bringing the temperature down so you can enjoy your wine with its fullest potential.

With Ravi
There is no more need for ice buckets
There is no more mess
There is no need to pre-chill
There is no need to wait for your wine to reach that perfect temperature

Ravi is easy to use Simply remove it from the freezer, place it on your bottle, pour and enjoy!
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