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Miniveyor-oven 14" wide
Miniveyor-oven 14" wide
Miniveyor-oven 14" wide
Item#: #214HX

Manufactured by Holman.

With product entry opening adjustable from 1.5" to 3" high x 14.31" wide . With 14" wide, 31" long, variable speed , s/s conveyor belt. 6.5" extended conveyor load -up area; 6.5" extended conveyor unload area, 2.5" adjustable legs. Quartz sheathed heaters, two above and two below conveyor, regulated by separate, top and bottom. Solid state controls. Length 31" x 14" height x 19.43" depth. 280V or 240V. finish bakesup to 45.6" or 31 9" pizas. 1.7kW and 2.8kW, 14.3 amps. 9.03 cu. ft. 66 lbs.
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