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Pasta Machine Set by Atlas Mercato
Pasta Machine Set by Atlas Mercato
Pasta Machine Set by Atlas Mercato
Item#: PMS150

* Made in Italy by Atlas Marcato * Set includes 5 pieces * pasta machine, lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti and pasta cutter * All you need to make pasta at home * Includes the new Marcato WELLNESS rollers

Product Description With Multipast, you can prepare a large variety of types of pasta thanks to its rich contents: an Atlas 150 Pasta Machine, an attachment for Ravioli of entirely new conception, one for Spaghetti and one for Reginette. To these products (all made by Marcato) we have added a solid and practical Pasta Cutter Made in Italy by Ghidini Cipriano, well-known for the high quality of their kitchen gadgets. The end-result is truly excellence defined, both for the richness of content and for the popular appeal of an all-in-one gift set. The 5 Piece Set is packaged in a sturdy, full-color lithographed box with handle for easy carrying. Included in the packaging are 2 booklets with color photos and detailed instructions in various languages. All the pieces are made with the finest materials available and are subject to continuous quality control. For this reason, they are guaranteed for 3 years against any manufacturing defect. Includes the new marcato WELLNESS rollers: they are made in a special light alloy, a Marcato EXCLUSIVE PATENT that ensures your homemade pastry is 100% wholesome. WELLNESS, that is, no residue on the pastry, no oxidation or change when coming into contact with water, extremely easy to clean.
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