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Panini Grill-Majestic

Item# Majestic
Availability: not set
Manufactured by Sodir.

Sandwich Grill 24" W x 16" D x 10" H

Electric: 208/240V, 1 PH, 4000W, 16/18 Amps.

Sandwich Grill for Rapid Grilling of meat/fish and vegetables

Cast Iron Grooved Plates w/even heat distributed

Stainless Construction

Ship Weight: 80 lbs.Options:

grooved top/bottom plates

smooth top/bottom plates

smooth right top and bottom/grooved left top and bottom

grooved tops / smooth bottom plates

optional timers (2 required

* Timer option available / all models $84.00 each

* * 2 timers required for Majestic and Diablo

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