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Pastabilities Pasta CookerPastabilities Pasta Cooker
Pastabilities Pasta Cooker You no longer need to cook each pasta in its own pot. Each of the four sections allows you to cook up to four portions of pasta at one time. Good for seafood and vegetables too! The “hang clip” allows each insert to hang on the edge of the pot, eliminates the need for a separate strainer. The heavy 20 qt. aluminum pot provides rapid heat distribution. 18-8 stainless inserts have feet providing a consistent .ow throughout the pot. Inset handles are PVC coated to stay cool and comfortable. Securely riveted side handles allow for easy transfer for removal or addition of water. Measures 14" diam., 7" depth.

Pasta Cooker Complete
Manufactured by Adcraft

Ctn. Wt. 13

Cu. Ft. 1.8

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