Return Instructions and Policy

Our return policy is simple.

You can return stock items and we will issue a refund for the full price(including shipping) or replace at no extra charge any item you return that meets these conditions: .Incorrect Item Received ·Item Arrived Defective Within 15 days of the receipt of your shipment, you must apply for a return authorization. Returns must be accompanied with their original packaging,box,paperwork and accessories.

All other returns will incur a 20% restocking fee as well as the shipping costs incurred.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please e-mail us at:

You may also contact us via: Telephone: 212-376-4982 Fax: 212-843-0351

Return Instructions:

You must notify us of your intention to return merchandise received within 15 days of receipt by e-mail at or call us at 212-376-4982

Email with your Yahoo order # and the items you are returning,and indicate the reason for your return.

A Bowery Kitchens representative will issue a return approval and assist you with the return.

Please keep the original packaging and accessories to return the item.

NOTE: These items will not be accepted at the return address below without prior approval from a customer service representative.

Bowery Kitchens Supplies Returns Dept. Attn: Vincent 460 West 16th St. New York, New York 10011

Thanks for shopping at Bowery Kitchen Supplies.
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