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Pizza PeelPizza Peel
The Epicurean Pizza Peel won't necessarily help you to hand toss the dough, but it just might make you want to; it works great with frozen pizzas as well. The beveled front edge helps to scoop the perfect pie from the oven and the hole in the handle makes for a convenient hanging option.

Directions for use: Preheat oven to 450. Create favorite pizza on Epicurean Pizza Peel. Use peel to slide pizza onto hot pizza stone in oven. Take pizza out using peel when cheese is golden brown. Slice pizza on peel in desired shapes. Serve pizza right off peel. Enjoy home cooked pizza. Put Pizza Peel in dishwasher. Serve gelato and relax.

Pizza Peel Natural 23"x14" 82314N

Pizza Peel Slate 23"x14" 82314S

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