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KNIFEGUARDSKnife Blade Edge Guards.
MESSERMEISTER invented hard plastic Edge-Guards that fit any knife. Edge-Guards by Messermeister have been recognized as not only the original edge protectors, but also, by far, the finest and most functional. If you don't have your knives in a block, edge guards are a must for any knife that you'd like to take care of.

Most culinary schools require students to have a protective sheath on knives when they are not in use.

Edgeguard 10" Chef 10C

Edgeguard 10" Slicer 10S

Edgeguard 12" Chef 12C

Edgeguard 12" Slicer 12S

Edgeguard 14" Slicer 14S

Edgeguard 3" Garnish EGS-03G

Edgeguard 4" Paring 04P

Edgeguard 6" Chef 06C

Edgeguard 6" Utility 06U

Edgeguard 8" Chef 08C

Edgeguard 8" Slicer 08S

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