The PEUGEOT story starts in the 19th century with, among other products, the manufacture of pepper mills and coffee grinders. More than 160 years later, the PEUGEOT mill and grinder are still the reference in the most famous chef’s kitchens.

The PEUGEOT Commitment: -----a specific mechanism for each spice, with a lifetime warranty.

If you want to get the most flavor and aroma from any spice or seasoning, it is essential to address the physical characteristics of that spice. PEUGEOT recognized the logic of this and embarked on creating spice-specific mechanisms that ensure the best milling results for each type of spice.

In total, PEUGEOT produces 6 unique mechanisms in the Saveurs d’epices line, each designed to maximize the flavors and aromas of a specific type of spice. For example, there is only one PEUGEOT pepper mechanism and it will be found on every PEUGEOT peppermill. Similarly, all PEUGEOT salt mills have the unique PEUGEOT salt crushing mechanism, and so on for each mechanism type:

Pepper - for dried whole peppercorns Salt - for dry sea salt and rock salt Chili - for dried chili peppers Spice - for very dry leafy herbs and hard seeds Wet salt - for damp salts such as Guérande and grey Nutmeg - for shaving whole nutmeg nuts

While many spice mills may be viewed as gadgets, PEUGEOT mechanisms are finely-crafted kitchen tools and as such, are specialized in their function. There are currently seven different spice-specific mechanisms offered by PEUGEOT, each designed to get the most out of the spices they are intended to handle.
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