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Wide Santoku 7"
Wide Santoku 7"
Wide Santoku 7"
Item#: MH0717

This is called a wide Santoku because the blade, from edge to back, is wider than most Santokus of the same length. You can slice thick vegetables and large bunches of smaller ones with a thinner knife, but a thicker blade gives you much more control. The width provides extra weight as well, and this knife works better than you'd expect at cleaver-like tasks as well.

Shun Stainless knives are the choice of discerning chefs, made from VG-10 high-carbon stainless steel. The edge is hardened more than most knives, allowing for an extra sharp edge. The unique qualities of the steel keep the edge sharp without brittleness. The blade is clad with 16 layers of softer steel for durability, then etched to show the unique "Damascus" finish. The handle warms at your touch, feeling supple and alive within your hand.
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